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The following books are good for the preparation of CSIR-NET/GATE/JEST/SET exam in physical science.

General aptitude – csir-net general aptitude-a new outlook -christyvergheese 

Mathematical Method of Physics
1.Advanced Engineering  Mathematics– Erwin Kreyszig
2.Mathematical Physics– H.K. Dass
Classical Mechanics
1.Classical Mechanics – J.C. Upadhyaya
2.Classical Mechanics –Herbert Goldstein
Electromagnetic Theory
1. Introduction to Electrodynamicse – David J. Griffiths
2. Electricity & Magnetisme – B.Ghosh
Quantum Mechanics
1. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics – David J. Griffiths
2. Quantum Mechanics Concepts & Applications– Nouredine Zettili
Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
1. Statistical Mechanics– R. K. Patharia
2. Fundamentals of Statistical & Thermal Physics– F. Rief
Electronics & Experimental Methods
1. Digital Electronics-Malvino & Leach
2. Electronic Devices & Circuits – Jacob Millman & Christos C. Halkias
Atomic & Molecular Physics
1. Atomic and Molecular Physics – Raj Kumar
2. Fundamental of Molecular Spectroscopy– Colin N. Banwell & Elaine M. McCash
Condensed Matter Physics
1. Solid State Physics -puri and babbar
2. Introduction to Solid State Physics – N. W. Charles Kittel
Nuclear and Particle Physics
1. Introductory Nuclear Physics –Kenneth S. Krane
2. Introduction to Elementary Particles – David J. Griffiths
3. Particle Physics – C L Arora

General Aptitude 

  1. General aptitude 
  2. GeneralAptitude-CareerEndaevour 

Mathematical physics

  1. H.K. DASS mathematical physics
  2. Advanced engineering mathematics by Erwin kreyszig**
  3. Mathematics for physics by Michael stone and paul goldbart
  4. Complex variable s and applications by dual v. Charchill
  5. Partial differential equation
  6. Elements of partial differential equations
  7. Introductory methods of numerical analysis by s.s. sastry**
  8. Linear algebra and it's applications by Gilbert strang
  9. Linear algebra by Kenneth Hoffman
  10. Mathematical methods for physicists by b. Arfken**
  11. Mathematical methods for physics and engineering
  12. Mathematical methods in the physical sciences by mary l. Boas
  13. Mathematical methods for physicist by tai l. chow
  14. introduction to probability by snell and grinstead
  15. Numerical methods for engineers and scientists by joe d. Hoffman
  17. Introductory Computational Physics Klein & Godunov
  18. Introductory Functional Analysis  With Applications [Kreyszig]
  19. Mathematical_Physics__A_Modern_Introduction_to_Its_Foundations
  20. Mathematics for physics by Michael stone and paul goldbart
  21. Mathews J & Walker R L. Mathematical Methods of Physics
  22. Methods of Mathematical Physics - Intro
  23. Numerical Methods Hoffman
Classical mechanics
  1. Classical mechanics by j.c. upadhyaya**
  2. Lecture notes on classical mechanics by daniel arovas
  3. Lecture notes on classical mechanics by sunil golwana
  4. Classical mechanics by Goldstein**
  5. Solution to problem in Goldstein classical mechanics**
  6. Classical mechanics by Konstantin k. Likherev
  7. Introduction to classical mechanics by david morin
  8. Classical mechanics by Konstantin k. Likherev
  9. Introduction to mechanics and symmetry by jerrold e.marsden
  10. Relativestic kinematics by r. Hagedorn
  11. Special relativity by david w. Hogg
  12. Introduction_to_Statics_n_Dynamics-Rudra_Pratap
  13. From Classical to Quantum Mechanics- Sudarshan 
  14. Concepts of Modern Physics - Arthur Beiser
  15. Landau, Lifshitz Vol. 2. The classical theory of fields 4th
  16. Classical mechanics by gupta kumar sharma
Electromagnetic Theory
  1. Introduction to electrodynamics by david j. Griffiths**
  2. Solutions manual , introduction to electrodynamics by david j. Griffiths**
  3. Griffiths__David_-_Introduction_To_Electrodynamics_Solutions_Manual_-_With_Update
  4. Elements of electromagnetic by sadiku
  5. Solutions manual elements of electromagnetics by sadiku
  6. Classical electrodynamics Nirali Prakashan Bsc Book
  7. Electricity and Magnetism benjamin crowell 
  8. Electromagnetism for electronics engineers by richard g. Carter
  9. Foundations of Classical Electrodynamics  Friedrich W. Hehl & Yuri N. Obukhov
  10. The physics of waves by Howard georgi
  11. classical electrodynamics by j.d. jackson
  12. Electrodynamics Jackson (Answers to sel. problems)
  13. Solution of J.D. Jackson
  14. Waveguides
  15. optics by ajoy ghatak
Quantum mechanics
  1. Quantum mechanics _500 problems with solutions aruldhas**
  2. Quantum Mechanics by G. Aruldhas
  3. Modern quantum mechanics by j.j. sakurai**
  4. Introduction to quantum mechanics david j. Griffiths**
  5. Solutions manual of introduction to quantum mechanics by david j. Griffiths**
  6. Quantum mechanics concept and application by nouredine zettili**
  7. Course on Quantum mechanics-Ulness
  8. Introduction to quantum mechanics by a.c. phillips
  9. Foundations of quantum mechanics by h.osborn
  10. Solutions to problems in quantum mechanics by p.saltsidis
  11. Introduction to quantum mechanics
  12. Notes on quantum mechanics by k. Schulten
  13. Fundamental quantum mechanics for engineers by leon van dommelen
  14. Quantum mechanics-I by peter s. Riseborough
  15. Advanced Quantum Mechanics A. W. Stetz
  16. QUANTUM FIELD THEORY BY Professor John W. Norbury
  17. Quantum mechanics demystified
  18. Quantum mechanics by john w. Norbury
  19. Quantum Mechanics Nirali Prakashan Bsc Book
  20. Quantum Mechanics I Peter S. Riseborough
  21. Quantum_Mechanics_Thankappan
  22. Quantum mechanics a modern development
  23. Quantum mechanics by Alastair I.m. rae
  24. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics. Wave Equations, 3rd ed. - W. Greiner
  25. Modern quantum mechanics
  26. Principles of quantum mechanics by R. Shankar
  27. The Physics of Quantum Mechanics, Binney and Skinner
  28. QuantumTheory_park
  29. physics_quantum
  30. Quantum Mechanics by GENNARO AULETTA 
  31. Solved Problems in Quantum and Statistical Mechanics Cini M., Fucito F., Sbragaglia M.
Thermodynamics and statistical physics 
  1. Thermal physics by allen l. Wasserman
  2. Introduction to statistical physics by keedon huang
  3. Thermal physics by kittel**
  4. Graduate statistical mechanics by vijay s. Pande
  5. Problems on statistical mechanics by dalvit
  6. Statistical mechanics by satya prakash**
  7. Statistical mechanics by Mc. Qarrie
  8. Statistical mechanics by shang keng ma
  9. Problems and solutions for statistical physics of particles by mehram kardar
  10. Statistical physics by Yuri galperin and Jens feder
  11. Statistical mechanics by R.K. pathria**
  12. Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics by richard Fitzpatrick
  13. Statistical mechanics by alfred huan
  14. An introduction to thermodynamics and statistical mechanics by Keith stowe
  15. Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics
  16. Thermal and statistical physics by mallett
  17. Heat and Thermodynamics 7th ed - M. Zemansky, R. Dittman - (McGraw


  1. Digital electronics principle devices and applications by anil k. Maini
  2. Basic electronics-i
  3. Basic electronics 1
  4. Basic electronics 2
  5. Digital computer electronics by albert paul malvino**
  6. Digital principles and applications by leach malvino
  7. Digital and analogue instrumentation testing and measurement by nihal kularatna
  8. Electronic devices and circuit theory by robert boylestad and louis nashalesky
  9. Pulse , digital and switching waveforms by milkman
  10. Problems and solutions in electronics by Roger loxton 
  11. Principles of electronics by mehta**
  12. Electronic principles by malvino
  13. Integrated electronics by millman-halkias**
  14. MillmanHalkias-ElectronicDevicesCircuits
  16. Analogue_and_Digital electronics by Ahmed 


  1. Atomic , Molecular spectra and Laser by rajkumar
  2. Atomic and molecular physics
  3. Lectures on atomic physics by johnson
  4. An introduction to atomic , molecular and quantum physics by w. Demtrioder
  5. Elementary atomic structure by g.k. Woodgate
  6. Laser Physics by Milonni P.W., Eberly J.H.
  7. Laser fundamental and application by thyagarajan and ghotak
Solid State Physics
  1. Solid_State_PhysicsR._K._Puri,_V.K._Babbar
  2. Introduction to modern solid state physics by Yuri m. galperin
  3. Introduction to solid state physics by charles kittel**
  4. Solutions solid state kittel**
  5. Solid state physics by h. Ibach and puth
  6. Solid state physics
  7. Solid_State_Physics__Principles_and_Modern_Applications
Nuclear and Particle Physics
  1. Elements of nuclear physics by w.e. burcham
  2. Introductory nuclear physics by krane**
  3. Introduction to elementary particles by david Griffiths**
  4. Solutions manual for introduction to elementary particles by david Griffiths**
  5. Nuclear and particles physics by Niels walet
  6. Nuclear physics by roy and nigam
  7. Advances in Nuclear Physics v. 23 - Negele J.W., Vogt E.
  8. John Lilley-Nuclear Physics Principles and Applications
  9. Martin - Nuclear and Particle Physics - An Introduction
Y K Lim Series **
  1. Problems and solutions on atomic ,Nuclear and particle
  2. Problems and solutions on electromagnetism
  3. Problems and solutions on mechanics
  4. Problems and solutions on quantum mechanics
  5. Problems and solutions on solid state physics , relativity and miscellaneous topics
  6. Problems and solutions on thermodynamics and statistical mechanics
Schaum's Outlines
  1. Applied physics
  2. Complex variables
  3. Linear algebra
  4. Mathematical band Book of formulas and tables
  5. Probability, random variables and random processes**
  6. Electromagnetics i
  7. Electromagnetics ii
  8. Quantum mechanics
  9. Digital principle
  10. Beginning statistics
  11. Thermodynamics for engineers
  12. Vector analysis
Miscellaneous Topics
  1. 1000 solved problems in modern physics
  2. 1000 solved problems in classical physics
  3. A guide to physics problems part 1 mechanics, relativity and electrodynamics
  4. A guide to physics problems part 2 thermodynamics, statistical physics and quantum mechanics
  5. Electricity, magnetism and modern physics
  6. Physics by example_ 200 problems and solutions
  7. Solutions to I.E. Irodov's problems in general physics volume 1 mechanics heat electrodynamics
  8. Solutions to I.E.Irodov's problems in general physics volume II waves optics modern physics
NCERT Physics Books
  1. 11th english part 1
  2. 11th english part 2
  3. 12th english part 1
  4. 12th english part 2
  5. 11th hindi part 1
  6. 11th hindi part 2
  7. 12th hindi part 1
  8. 12th hindi part 2


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